About ArtMatters

ArtMatters is an interdisciplinary, on line, peer-reviewed journal providing a platform for the relatively new but rapidly developing field of technical art history.

Technical art history has as its main objective the research of the material history of an artefact using an interdisciplinary approach that involves art historians, conservators and scientists but also reaches out to other disciplines such as economic and social history, anthropology and aesthetics. Technical Art History combines a variety of expertise into a holistic research approach that concerns the creative process from idea to artwork, at any one time and place, and from any culture. Key, too, is the original voice of the artist found through art technological source research that forms an important aspect of the technical art history research approach. The study of both written and visual source material on artists' practice contributes significantly to an understanding of the material complexity of art works, in terms of their meaning and production at a certain time and place, and also informs on issues of authenticity, changes in appearance, and the relation between style and technique.. It illustrates the significant role the study of historical materials, techniques and studio practice from the past up till the present, can play within art historical research and its various philosophical approaches towards the understanding of art works.

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ArtMatters online is published by Archetype Publications, http://www.archetype.co.uk and the University of Glasgow, with financial support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, http://www.kressfoundation.org.
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